29 Dec

Two new websites

I’m launching two new websites:
Flash Games
Multiplayer Games

So, very soon(hmm-hmm) I’m going to replace all-in-one website with three(even four) websites, each with its own content.

www.pozirk.com & www.pozirk.net – only my games.
flash.pozirk.com – online flash games, there are more than 9k games right now.
multiplayer.pozirk.com – multiplayer games.

For flash games I have bought an “Arcadem Pro” script, it has a lot of features, like automatic installation of games from Mochi and BigFish, Google AdSense(needs modification) and SEO friendly URLs. It has a lot of bugs too, luckily it was cheap, only 10 bucks.
For casual games I’m using Development Kit provided by Reflexive, very well designed and simple, but no features.
I had to add SEO URLs by myself and will add AdSense later.

And of course need to change design for all websites.

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