Box2D AS3

I’ve decided to take a look at Box2D for Flash, cause I hope to make some games using this powerful engine, but according to the news from 1/08/10 on, website was hacked by someone. So, right now Box 2D AS3 Manual is not available (404 Page not found), but thanks to Google, there is a cache of the manual.

З.Ы.: Actually, latest version of manual can be found here:

In progress

It’s been two months already I’ve started making new game, although game code is almost done, I still didn’t get any graphics from designer…

So, right now I’m changing websites design.

Also, I’m planning to start my own flash games contest with cash prices this summer, if everything goes well. It will be some kind of experiment.

Small glitch

There is a small glitch in Mad Tanks and someone has already used it.
I give 1 million points to the player, which pass last level, so it is easy to see who actually finished the game.
But some guys don’t submit their score at the end, instead of that they go to main menu, press continue and play last level again (but they’ve already got 1 million points). So they finish last level once again and get their next million!
That is why there are some players with the score 2+ millions.

Ok. It’s not a big deal. 🙂 I will fix it in next version, if any.

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