AS3 String VS Number

I was accidentally storing numbers as strings in my objects.
Something like that:

data = {x: "200", y: "100"};

instead of that:

data = {x: 200, y: 100};

So, the problem starts when you try to sum or deduct these “numbers”.
For example,

Output: 20090
Output: 110

Sell Flash Games

A small list of websites, where you can sell flash games as well as other flash applications.

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Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

5. Stock Fuel
You earn:
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Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

6. Flash Components
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 60%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 30%

7. Active Den
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 25%

8. BuySellArcade
They don’t charge fees, but you have to pay with their credits in order to create new auction.
New customers get free 10 credits upon registration.

9. FlashGameLicense
Auction. You pay 10% commission fee after successfully selling your game.

So, 9 websites so far.
You can also buy flash games and other flash widgets or components at these website!
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