Space Age. Report 4

So, game menus are done. They look ugly at the moment, but working fine.
You can star researches and construct satellites.
I think I’ve finished around 25%-30% of the game, what is quite slow, as it is 4 weeks already in development.
I wish I have more time.

Here is what I have right now:

Things to do:
1. Units and enemies;
2. AI;
3. Bullets, rockets, lasers;
4. Explosions;
5. Timing and balance;
6. Some events on Earth with population;
7. Main menus, options, load games, etc.;
8. Intro;
9. Find artist;
10. Find sounds;
11. Translation to Russian, Belorussian, French. (maybe German and Spanish).

Space Age. Report 3

Ok. Nothing new to show this week.

What I’ve done:

  1. I have reconsidered Research(science) in game. Before it was a hierarchical with roots like Armor, Engine, Weapon and branches like “Steel Armor”, “Plasmagun”, etc. As it seems too difficult for casual players to decide what research they should choose, I have switch to linear Research. Now it’s just 14 positions, following one by one, player won’t choose which research to start first.
  2. Before I was planning to let player construct a spaceship like in Lego, so he chooses base of the ship, armor, weapon, etc. and construct the ship. But, as it also quite not casual and it definitely will be difficult for most players, I’ll just make predefined spaceships. Each new ship will appear after each finished research.
  3. I have redesigned menus in game. It gonna be floating panels, that will hide when you move out your mouse.

I’m working hard 🙂 on a new menu (coding and design) at the moment, because it’s an essential part of the game. Hope to show something new next week.

Space Age. Report 2

Report #2, and I have something to show.
While working on project I have discovered some problems.
1. Away3DLite is “too lite”. 🙂 It doesn’t not support a lot of features, that Away3D supports, like Sprites. Although Away3DLite version from SVN ( has Sprite3D, but it doesn’t work correctly with FastRenderer so far.
2. Away3DLite has horrible mouse behavior performance. FPS drops significantly on MouseEvent3D.MOUSE_DOWN event, so I’ve just turned it off for now. I still need to explore this problem.
3. Flash can’t draw dashed lines and circles. Fortunately there is a graphics.curveTo function.
Her is my code:

graphics.lineStyle(2, 0x00FFFF);
graphics.moveTo(_midX+_radius, _midY);
for(_i = 6; _i <= 360; _i+=12)
  graphics.curveTo(_midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i-3), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i-3), _midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i));
  graphics.moveTo(_midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i+6), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i+6));

It draws circle with dashes every 6 degrees.
_midX and _midY are the coordinates of the center of circle.
Tools.cos and Tools.sin are my own functions for cos and sin, they return values from a prefilled arrays.
4. Game is 800×600, but as I know that some sponsors don’t accept that.

Next week I’m planning to do a lot of coding and planning and game menus and logic.

Ok. Here is what I have for today:

Space Age. Report 1

Here are the things I did for the last week:
1. Found textures for Earth, Moon, Earth’s clouds and some others
2. Made notes (on paper :)) about gameplay, menu, game science and logic.
3. Took part of the core files from RiU, like input, audio, timers, etc. and started to add first classes to the new game.
4. Played a bit with Away3D and decided to use Away3DLite, which is smaller and works faster. (Good tutorials about Away3D are here.)

This is it. I hope to have something visual next week.

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