Space Age. Report 2

Report #2, and I have something to show.
While working on project I have discovered some problems.
1. Away3DLite is “too lite”. 🙂 It doesn’t not support a lot of features, that Away3D supports, like Sprites. Although Away3DLite version from SVN ( has Sprite3D, but it doesn’t work correctly with FastRenderer so far.
2. Away3DLite has horrible mouse behavior performance. FPS drops significantly on MouseEvent3D.MOUSE_DOWN event, so I’ve just turned it off for now. I still need to explore this problem.
3. Flash can’t draw dashed lines and circles. Fortunately there is a graphics.curveTo function.
Her is my code:

graphics.lineStyle(2, 0x00FFFF);
graphics.moveTo(_midX+_radius, _midY);
for(_i = 6; _i <= 360; _i+=12)
  graphics.curveTo(_midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i-3), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i-3), _midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i));
  graphics.moveTo(_midX+(_radius)*Tools.cos(_i+6), _midY+(_radius)*Tools.sin(_i+6));

It draws circle with dashes every 6 degrees.
_midX and _midY are the coordinates of the center of circle.
Tools.cos and Tools.sin are my own functions for cos and sin, they return values from a prefilled arrays.
4. Game is 800×600, but as I know that some sponsors don’t accept that.

Next week I’m planning to do a lot of coding and planning and game menus and logic.

Ok. Here is what I have for today:

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