Space Age. Report 3

Ok. Nothing new to show this week.

What I’ve done:

  1. I have reconsidered Research(science) in game. Before it was a hierarchical with roots like Armor, Engine, Weapon and branches like “Steel Armor”, “Plasmagun”, etc. As it seems too difficult for casual players to decide what research they should choose, I have switch to linear Research. Now it’s just 14 positions, following one by one, player won’t choose which research to start first.
  2. Before I was planning to let player construct a spaceship like in Lego, so he chooses base of the ship, armor, weapon, etc. and construct the ship. But, as it also quite not casual and it definitely will be difficult for most players, I’ll just make predefined spaceships. Each new ship will appear after each finished research.
  3. I have redesigned menus in game. It gonna be floating panels, that will hide when you move out your mouse.

I’m working hard 🙂 on a new menu (coding and design) at the moment, because it’s an essential part of the game. Hope to show something new next week.

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