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  1. Thank you for the ANE...I know others have gotten it to work but no matter what I do I get this:Error #3500: The extension context does not have a method with the name init.I've done my research, and you'll probably say I'm not connecting the ANE properly, but if you could be so kind as to give me some hint as to what the problem could be I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!Please help been on this three days:(
  2. Thank you for bringing such native extensions to AIR world, I tried to use the native extension and I added both the ane and the swc files but when I try to debug/run the project on android device from flash builder it says Verify error the AmazonAds class was not found, I tried to add the AS3 classes to the project but could not get it to work, do u have an idea why this happens? thank you
  3. Hello!I've been testing your ANE, thanks for it. But I experience AD_FAILED_TO_LOAD NETWORK_ERROR: Could not contact Ad Server even though android monitor shows that app makes a call to the ad server. And I do have wifi connection on the phone switched on.testing/debug modes are set to true.
  4. I've downloaded the Amazon ANE to use in my project and it keeps throwing an error - "Error #3500: The extension context does not have a method with the name init. at flash.external::ExtensionContext/_call() at flash.external::ExtensionContext/call() at com.pozirk.ads.amazon::AmazonAds/init()[path\AmazonAds.as:43]"I don't think this is related to the incorrect installation of the ANE because I'm also using GoViral.ane and Flurry.ane, both of which are working fine. It is only when I add the Amazon ANE does it throw an error.Can you please help me understand the problem. Could it be because of conflicting class names in the ANEs?Thank you.
  5. Hi, can you tell me how I can use AdMob ANE in case Amazon Ads ANE not work(no fill) in the same project? If you can put some code lines that will be great.Thanks.
    • Hello Daniel! Just use both ANEs together, check for AdEvent.AD_FAILED_TO_LOAD event for Amazon ads and switch to Admob, if it fires. Something like this:
      _amazonAds.addEventListener(AdEvent.AD_FAILED_TO_LOAD, onFailEvent);
      protected function onFailEvent(ae:AdEvent):void
       //now start using Admob
  6. Can you please explain how to use AdMob ANE when Amazon ads don´t work in the same project? If you can put some example code that will be great.Thanks.

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