What was wrong with Flash?

I have never had any problems with Flash Player myself.
But I’ve heard lots of complaints about 0-day vulnerabilities, etc. Of course, no support for mobile browser. Flash Player is not open source.
Maybe, maybe…

Anyway, I’m keeping Flash version of my games on the website as they are still working for me and some diehard players don’t want to switch to HTML5 version.
Moreover I still play some of the games from time to time, like Space Age, Resistance Is Useless and Mad Tanks.

Google License verification extension

I have completely forgot that I have developed and released a little extension for Haxe/OpenFL.
While in the end I’m not using this extension myself, it was working fine at the time of release and should work in the future, unless Google changes something dramatically, as usual.

Extension can be found at Github and installed through haxelib:

Not an investment advice

I’m investing my extra money (cause inflation, you know) and I’m not an expert for sure, but just to spice up my blog that no one reads…
Anyway, not an investment advice 🙂 , but I have my (maybe totally wrong) theory about all this GME, Reddit, short squeeze, etc. craziness.
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