Coronavirus data anomalies

First, according to stats, third wave is here and number of cases are growing.

Source: Worldometer

Anomalies that caught my eyes:
India’s official death rate from coronavirus is 1%.

Source: Worldometer

One of the arguments, I read on the internet, was because Indian population is quite young with Median Age of 28 comparing to 38 in USA: Countries in the world by population.

But on the other side, you have Mexico with pretty much the same Median Age of 29 and 10% death rate!

Source: Worldometer

More real explanation of India’s low rate “is the lack of official records of death in much of the country. Around 70% of people live in rural areas, where deaths and causes of deaths are often not recorded.”

Official explanation of Mexico’s high rate is too many people with obesity and diabetes. Un-official – poor state of health system in Mexico. Both might be valid reasons.

Now, my own country, Belarus.
Official data is totally rigged.
Number of cases is most likely understated, but more important, number of deaths is basically false and looks like just pegged to 5 deaths a day at the beginning and then 10.

Source: Worldometer

I’ve heard several times, that just in my home town with population of 33k, there were around 2-3 deaths from coronavirus a week during second wave, which gives around 80-120 deaths a day for country with the population of 9.5 millions.
Stats from Belarus should be somewhat similar to Sweden as country of similar population size and similar measures, ie no lockdowns.
Actually Sweden should fare much better than Belarus, because of better health system and higher quality of life.

The same problem with Russia, data looks totally fake, this is, unfortunately, what totalitarian governments always do, they try to hide the truth.

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  1. Just noticed more abnormal data, this time from France, 24% mortality! That can’t be true.

    Source: Worldometer

    The reason, it is so high, is there are still 4M+ active cases and only ~400k closed.
    Whether for some reason France just keeps cases active (like someone, who’s got sick a year ago, is still sick, seriously?) or Worldometer isn’t reporting correctly.

  2. I have checked population statistics for Belarus, and here is what they have:
    – in 2017-219 population were decreasing by ~20k a year
    – in 2020 population decreased by ~60k

    Some decrease can be attributed to lower birthrate because of Covid and migration due to political situation, but still Covid death numbers are certainly much higher than those 2,671 people as of today.
    I think it’s at least 10 times higher and should be around 20k-30k people.
    Even population of Minsk, capital of Belarus has decreased by ~10k, unlike previous years when it was growing.

    More details here:

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