Protected: Who is Doomberg? Part 2

I wasn't planning to write about this again, but Doomberg's anonymity is in perils. 😀
Luck is no longer required to figure out who Doomberg is, some basic computer skills and time will do the trick.
I was also able to uncover another person and twitter accounts involved as well as correct some inaccuracies from my previous post on Doomberg.

RESULTS: Doomberg, not again!
If you are dumb, then try the password below, if smart, then click the link above.

Cracks in the foundation of TransAlta Renewables

Yeah, I’m experimenting with dramatic headlines for my posts. 🙂

I was buying and selling TSX:RNW stock a few times since 2017, but never held it for too long.
Dunno why, maybe because I have never really checked their financials and was just buying the stock for dividends.
In 2020 RNW went up a lot, which I’ve totally missed, but in 2021 things started to change.

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Google employees are spamming my inbox

It’s kind of funny and annoying at the same time.
They took my email address from Google Play Developer page as most spammers do.
The purpose of this email address is to provide games support for Android users, but, as other spammers, Google just uses it for their “marketing”.

Of course, they have an unsubscribe link, an annoying one, where you have to enter your email address to unsubscribe.
But I have never subscribed in the first place!

Today’s email is especially “interesting”:

I disagree.

Sultan Solitaire and Grandfather’s Clock Solitaire

Sultan Solitaire Grandfather's Clock Solitaire
New Year brings new solitaire games: Sultan Solitaire and Grandfather’s Clock Solitaire.

By chance I was able to win Grandfather’s Clock in just 30 seconds and score 331 while recording a gameplay video.
Let’s see how long it will take other players to beat my record.

This new update is not yet available for mobile devices, but web version of All-in-One Solitaire has both games included.

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