Doomberg, not again!

It’s like a wave of visitors coming to my blog each time Doomberg releases another post.
I mean, usually I have ~1½ visitor a day, so the wave is like 20+ a day. LOL 😀
A question to those trying “password”, “letmein”, “doomberg”, etc. as a password here, are you serious???

To satisfy everyone else’s curiosity:
Doomberg is a team of 2+ people;
– one woman, one man;
– colleagues from work, not working there anymore;
– this work place is, let’s say, energy/plastics/chemicals related;
– one is Canadian, another one is American, both live in the States;
– one has MBA, another one has degree in chemistry;
– they have other Twitter account(s).

DISCLAIMER: Not an investment advice! 🙂 I might be wrong in anything and in everything written above and below. I’m doing it for fun and hope you enjoy!

Who is Deep Throat IPO?

It was fun to do some Internet “investigations” recently, so after I’ve stumbled upon another “anonymous” twitter account, I’ve decided to give it a try.
Took me like 15 minutes to figure out who is behind @DeepThroatIPO, but I must admit this guy didn’t try hard to hide his identity.
I’m sorry if my post will cause some trouble, I mean no harm and am doing this purely for fun and out of curiosity.
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