Who is TheLastBearStanding?

My rule of thumb in those little Internet investigations is it should be fun. If I can’t find anything useful/interesting in 2-3 hours, I just give up.
In case of TheLastBearStanding TheLastBearStanding I was able to find the person hiding behind this account.
While doing my research I was able to discover a vulnerability in my own blog! 😮 Those who know how to exploit it can get access to password-protected and even private posts.
I hope the content of my posts was not exposed and I’ve fixed the problem now.
Unless there are more bugs…

Yes, about TheLastBearStanding. I believe, he has a degree in Accounting and Finance, is(was?) a Vice President at an investment management firm and lives in New York City. He seems like a good guy, a bit bearish though… 😀

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  1. I have these inner debates about whether I should doxx other people or not—you know, an ethical dilemma.
    It’s not like I’m doing something bad or illegal, it is actually exciting to be able to find the person(s) hiding behind another “anonymous” account.
    But should I post about it?

    That used to be a LinkedIn page of TheLastBearStanding until he deleted it.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t take a complete screenshot.
    Lesson learned: when doing research, screenshot everything.

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