Bye-bye PayPal!

Several Premium players contacted me and asked to switch to something different; otherwise, they would stop paying.
Recent controversy around PayPal was the last drop for them and for me. 🙂
Even though Premium Membership at Pozirk Games is a tiny source of my revenue, and I’m not a big PayPal hater (but definitely not a fan), I’ve started looking for alternatives.
Personally, I find PayPal‘s user interface clumsy, slow and buggy. I had several problems with PayPal in the past, including not being able to withdraw funds and, more recently, not being able to add a secondary email address. 🙄

The plugin I use supports a limited number of payment gateways; thus, my other alternative was Stripe.
Surprisingly, it took me just around half an hour to open an account and make it work on my website.
The process was smooth and intuitive.

Also, Stripe allows Canadians to withdraw USD funds to a USD bank account.
PayPal, on the other hand, allows withdrawals only to CAD bank accounts, forcing the conversion of USD to CAD at an unfavourable rate. Booo-hooo!

Of course, I can’t close my PayPal account right away because there are lots of active subscriptions, but, I guess, slowly everyone will be moved over to Stripe.

Canada Emergency Business Account

Canada Emergency Business Account aka CEBA aka Helicopter Money for Small Businesses.

The CEBA program offered interest-free loans of up to $60,000 to small businesses and not-for-profits.
For eligible CEBA borrowers in good standing, repaying the balance of the loan on or before December 31, 2023 will result in loan forgiveness of up to 33 percent (up to $20,000).


The original date for repayment was December 31, 2022, but

The Government of Canada has extended the December 31, 2022 repayment date to December 31, 2023 for CEBA loan holders.

Kicking the can down the road? Oh yeah!
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Bottom fishing

While it’s funny to watch how prices on stocks, houses, cars, and everything else (especially crypto garbage) are crashing, I keep asking myself, “Where is the bottom?”
I’m basically 50% cash at the moment, and it’s burning my pocket, even with 3%+ interest rates on Savings account.
Patience is a Virtue. 😀

On a side note, I have 6 posts in Drafts, and I’m too lazy to finish them, so I’m writing this one instead…

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