Clean the Slate

Clean the Slate website is down at the moment, probably because of the broken SSL certificate.
Let’s hope it will be up again; otherwise, it looks suspicious.

Luckily, I have saved their presentation… twice. πŸ™‚
And funny enough, these two versions are slightly different.
Old version: SOT Presentation
New version: SOT Presentation (11-29-2022)

The differences are:

  • Page 6 has some modifications;
  • Page 8(old), “When the Dust Settled…”, was removed;
  • Pages 22(old) / 21(new) has some differences;
  • Page 34(old) / 33(new), “Our Strategic Plan”, was changed;
  • Page 39(old), “Fishery Products International Ltd.”, was removed;

Am I too paranoid checking all these small details? πŸ˜€

3 comments on “Clean the Slate”

  1. My wild guess, since the website is still down:

    • They would have fixed it by now if it was a hacker attack;
    • Armoyan decided to shut down the website, which means he doesn’t need support from small investors anymore;
    • Because he struck a deal with another large shareholder(s) to have a voting majority;
    • Or with SOT.UN management, but this is unlikely, imho.
  2. It looks like SOT.UN stock movement (down, down, and down πŸ˜€ ) is pricing a distribution cut.
    I would gladly accept a 100% cut with management fees being cut as well for at least a year just to aggressively pay down the debt.
    If they can improve both occupation and revenue at the same time, Slate Office REIT will be fixed. At least partially, external management and a useless board are still a problem.

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