Twitter 200M leak vs LastPass hack

I was finally able to get my hands on the leaked Twitter 200M user emails file.
Well, lots of buzz, but nothing serious, because my Twitter account is not there. 😀
And I created it in 2008.

As it was mentioned before by others, it’s a list of 200M emails that were used to scrape matching info of Twitter accounts.
Since the email associated with my Twitter account was never leaked and my account wasn’t scrapped.

LastPass incident is a different story:

LastPass‘s sole responsibility as a company was to safeguard its users’ data. And they’ve failed it!
First, some source code was stolen; second, an employee’s keys were stolen using phishing.
And the worst part: users’ data was stolen!
Customers’ data was encrypted, but how many people used a master password that is strong enough?
After all these incidents, LastPass is the last app that anyone should use to store their passwords.
Especially when free, open-source alternatives like KeePass are available.

It was always a dumb idea to store all your passwords somewhere in the “cloud”, trusting someone else to keep them safe.
Passwords of millions of people in one location are too tempting for cybercriminals to pass by.

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