Pixels for dollars

Facebook, like Twitter, will begin charging $11.99+ for a verified status.

And here I am, paying $10/month for Linode VPS (there is a cheaper option for $5) and having a website with games, a blog, my own mail server, a “VPN”, a backup server, a database, and an SVN server.
Basically, it’s just a regular PC connected to the internet 24/7 at 40/2 Gbps speed that can do anything I want.

Damn, anyone can run the whole IT infrastructure of a small business for just 10 bucks a month!

Compare this to someone paying $8 just to have a blue checkmark near their name; you still can’t write whatever you want, and your account can be blocked at any time, sometimes just by mistake.

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  1. Just when I wrote how cheap (but not the cheapest) Linode VPSes are, they’ve decided to raise their prices.
    It was kind of expected because Akamai bought Linode for $900m, so now they need to show some “growth and synergies”.
    Corporate greed is strong with this one, but even with a 20% increase, it still costs peanuts. 😀
    Let’s just hope the quality of service and reliability stay the same.

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