Who is behind Canadian Value Investors?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from my little investigations, and I guess it’s time to fix that.
So, Canadian Value Investors, aka CVI Club, I’ve been following their blog for some time and enjoyed it a lot, but at some point, they started to move pretty much all their posts behind a paywall.
Boo-hoo! 😀

I uncovered one of the authors of the Canadian Value Investors blog some time ago but was too lazy to write about it.
Plus, I was hoping to find others because, according to this post dated 2017, there are at least two people involved:

Ok, one of the authors, but I guess he is the main person behind the Canadian Value Investors website:

I have some clues about another “member of the club”, but nothing specific…
I will update the post if I stumble upon any other people contributing to the CVI Club, but it’s always harder when there is more than one person involved, so don’t hold your breath. 🙂

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