How to save up to 10% at a gas pump in Canada

I feela bit ashamed to write about this, but my poor ex-USSR/Belarusian childhood made me a very frugal person.
Thus, I enjoy saving here and there and do it almost automatically.
This kind of mindset will probably never make me a billionaire, but that’s ok.

So, how can you save 10% at a gas pump in Canada?

You need 2 things:

More details.
I know, this CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite Card costs $120/year, so what kind of savings is that, right? But I easily make $600+ in cashback every year, and on top of that, they have 10 days travel medical insurance (it used to be 14 before) and auto rental collision insurance. Those two perks save me lots of money every year.
So, this CIBC credit card gives you 4% cashback on gas.

Now Journie app.
It gives you some points that you periodically exchange for chocolate bars and bubble gum, but most important is that you can connect Journie with CIBC and get an instant 3c/L discount at a gas station.
After accumulating 300 points (which equals 300 litres), you get a 7c/L discount the next time you put gas in your car.
Journie is available at the following gas stations:

Now some math. 🙂
Let’s say gas price is $1.60/L.

-7c/L (after 300 points)
-3c/L (connect CIBC credit card with Journie app)

-4% (CIBC cashback) = 6c/L
TOTAL: $1.44/L (or 10% discount from the original price)

Here is my gas bill from yesterday. The first 10c/L discount is right at the pump, plus 4% cashback that I will get later.

And I don’t want to sound like some kind of promoter of the CIBC credit card or the Journie app (yeah, right 😀 ), but they actually have a big sign-up promotion at the moment:

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