Not so SecretCFO

Since I’ve almost stopped using Twitter, that might be my last post about some “anonymous” Twitter account.
What can I say about @SecretCFO?

He lives in the UK and not in New York, USA, as stated on his Linkedin page.
This is actually very easy to understand without any research.
SecretCFO uses “whlist” instead of “while”:

And sometimes mistakenly “£” instead of “$”:

SecretCFO is indeed the CFO of a private multi-national food company with several £ billions in revenue.
Before becoming a CFO, he worked at PwC and some other food-related companies.
This is according to his real LinkedIn page.

He also used to be the founder of a now-failed startup.
Ok, there is nothing to be ashamed of here.
I myself am a proud co-onwer of a miserably failed business. 😎
It is a very good and expensive lesson to learn if one is able to.

What else can I say?
I also like food. 😀

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