Protected: Who is TheLastBearStanding?

My rule of thumb in those little Internet investigations is it should be fun. If I can't find anything useful/interesting in 2-3 hours, I just give up.
In case of TheLastBearStanding TheLastBearStanding I was able to find the person hiding behind this account.
While doing my research I was able to discover a vulnerability in my own blog! 😮 Those who know how to exploit it can get access to password-protected and even private posts.
I hope the content of my posts was not exposed and I've fixed the problem now.
Unless there are more bugs...

Yes, about The Last Bear Standing. I believe, he has a degree in Accounting and Finance, is(was?) a Vice President at an investment management firm and lives in New York City. He seems like a good guy, a bit bearish though... 😀

Doomberg, not again!

It’s like a wave of visitors coming to my blog each time Doomberg releases another post.
I mean, usually I have ~1½ visitor a day, so the wave is like 20+ a day. LOL 😀
A question to those trying “password”, “letmein”, “doomberg”, etc. as a password, are you serious?

To satisfy everyone else’s curiosity:
Doomberg is a team of 2+ people;
– one woman, one man;
– colleagues from work, not working there anymore;
– this work place is, let’s say, energy/plastics/chemicals related;
– one is Canadian, another one is American, both are living in States;
– one has MBA, another one has degree in chemistry;
– they have other Twitter account(s).

DISCLAIMER: Not an investment advice! 🙂 I might be wrong in anything and in everything written above and below. I’m doing it for fun and hope you enjoy!

Protected: Who is Deep Throat IPO?

It was fun to do some Internet "investigations" recently, so after I've stumbled upon another "anonymous" twitter account, I've decided to give it a try.
Took me like 15 minutes to figure out who is behind @DeepThroatIPO, but I must admit this guy didn't try hard to hide his identity.
I'm sorry if my post will cause some trouble, I mean no harm and am doing this purely for fun and out of curiosity.
Here is the result, but I will keep details password-protected though:

Protected: Who is Doomberg? Part 2

I wasn't planning to write about this again, but Doomberg's anonymity is in perils. 😀
Luck is no longer required to figure out who Doomberg is, some basic computer skills and time will do the trick.
I was also able to uncover another person and twitter accounts involved as well as correct some inaccuracies from my previous post on Doomberg.


Cracks in the foundation of TransAlta Renewables

Yeah, I’m experimenting with dramatic headlines for my posts. 🙂

I was buying and selling TSX:RNW stock a few times since 2017, but never held it for too long.
Dunno why, maybe because I have never really checked their financials and was just buying the stock for dividends.
In 2020 RNW went up a lot, which I’ve totally missed, but in 2021 things started to change.

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Sultan Solitaire and Grandfather’s Clock Solitaire

Sultan Solitaire Grandfather's Clock Solitaire
New Year brings new solitaire games: Sultan Solitaire and Grandfather’s Clock Solitaire.

By chance I was able to win Grandfather’s Clock in just 30 seconds and score 331 while recording a gameplay video.
Let’s see how long it will take other players to beat my record.

This new update is not yet available for mobile devices, but web version of All-in-One Solitaire has both games included.

Protected: Most insightful chicken on social media. Who is behind Doomberg?

With a bit of luck and a couple of hours of Internet search I've found who's hiding behind the green chicken logo and Doomberg's name on FinTwit.
The whole "investigation" was fun and quite easy to accomplish thanks to small mistake made by Doomberg.
Staying anonymous on the Internet is harder than one might think.
Anyway, I will keep this post password protected for now and see how it goes...


This is Scootterre!

Scootterre Voyageur Urbain

Back in 2016/2017, I’ve spent around 5 months traveling around Asia: China, Japan, but mostly South Asia, like Thailand, Indonesia, and a bunch of other countries.
The two longest stops were the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, where I’ve stayed for about a month, and Bali, Indonesia, where I’ve spent almost 2 months. (and did a visa run to Australia… a bad idea! 😀 )
Both islands are full of spectacular views and fun things to do, and the most popular mean of transportation on both islands is a scooter.
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Admob OpenFL extension v2

In 2015 I’ve made my first version of Admob OpenFL extension.
At that time it only supported Android, so I was happy to abandon it as soon as “official” extension with Android and iOS support became available:
Fast forward to 2021 and it was abandoned as well as no one really updated it for 4+ years…
It was working ok until recently when Apple introduced iOS14 and their App Tracking Transparency:

Well, as old saying goes: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”.
So, here is my new version of Admob OpenFL extension, that supports both Android and iOS and has lots of cool features:

It took me around a week to make it work. While Android part was quite easy and straightforward, with iOS part I wanted to climb the walls.
Biggest issue was the speed, or rather lack of it, as I was working on iOS part in virtual machine, and it was slooooow. Any small change required me to rebuild the extension and then rebuild my project to test the change.
On virtual machine this procedure could easily take 20-25 minutes and then if I need another small change, I have to repeat everything all over again.
Anyway, extension is out there and I hope to keep it up to date!

Real price of a smartphone

My old BLU Vivo Air test phone became too old, both physically and “mentally”.
The battery is playing tricks showing 40% in one moment and then dropping to 0% another and Android version is 5.0.2, which is soon will become unsupported even by my own games.
At the moment I still set minSdkVersion to 19 (Android 4.4 KitKat), but targetSdkVersion is already forced by Google to be 30.
Btw, in OpenFL it is done in project.xml file:

<config:android minimum-sdk-version="19" target-sdk-version="30" />

A neat list of all the Android/API versions can be found on Wikipedia:

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Take me somewhere expensive

By accident, I’ve got involved in lumber, more precisely in lumber stocks, to be exact, one stock.
I can’t already remember why I wanted to buy lumber stock, but I’ve found this nice company Conifex Timber Inc. (TSX:CFF) and what I liked about them was their power plant.
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