07 May

Alternative GUI for Flash

As I have decide to develop Cats’n’Rats game using FlashDevelop, I was required to find some kind of GUI framework for my buttons, listboxes, etc.
First, I have found Bloom & Bloom Lite – a lightweight and easy to use framework, but it was too basic for me and unintuitive.
Later, I have found AsWing, a great framework similar to Java Swing. But it was buggy, at least for me. 🙂 I could not make it work with absolute positions of controls.
Finally, I have found SPAS – Swing Package for ActionScript.
Another Swing-like framework, but, luckily, it works fine with absolute position by simply using AbsoluteLyout class. It has such features like GridControl and DropButton (still under development, but work great). The default design and colors don’t look very nice, but it’s ok for now.

28 Mar


Finally, I have started to develop my first multiplayer game.
As I’m cheap, it will be peer-2-peer game, so no need to purchase a server.
Gameplay is quite simple, there is a room with cats and rats (players) in it, so rats should eat cheese and stay alive, and cats should eat rats and “protect” cheese.