Это не баг, это фича!

Безумный dashboard от самсунга присылает 100+ писем, когда начинается дискаунт на приложение, и столько же, когда заканчивается.
Когда это случилось первый раз, я написал в саппорт, и мне ответили. что пофиксят.
Во второй раз саппорт резко изменил своё мнение и сказала, что это не баг, а фича! Мол, во скольких странах дискаунт, столько и писем, и ничего что письма все одинаковые и в них указаны все страны сразу.
С нетерпением жду окончанию дискаунта!

Did you know that…

…if you want to delete your game from Kong:


We can delete the game for you if you’d like, but you’ll lose any revenue that it has generated. If you’d prefer to keep the revenue so far, we can just unpublish the game so that no one will be able to play it anymore. Let me know which option would be better for you!


You’ll only lose the revenue if you want the game DELETED, but if you’d just like me to UNPUBLISH it, then you won’t lose the associated revenue from it. People still will not be able to play it, so it’ll be as if it was deleted to them. If we delete the game, we don’t have the record of the game that the revenue was generated by. Just the way our system works 🙂

Game License Uploading Agreement? Never heard about that.

Flash Game License “Pay Commission” bug?

So, I’ve recently sold a source code for Instant Football through FGL, I’ve accepted buyers offer and received the payment.
Everything was fine, then I’ve decided to pay my commission to FGL and… “You don’t have any outstanding sales or bids! (When you do, they will appear here.)”
Ok. I’ve sent a message to admins, and FGL_Steve asked me for details, I’ve replied and…
Silence. 4 days. No comments, no answers to my messages.