26 Apr

Feed The Furry Released


Furries are small wonderful animals that live everywhere in our neighborhood. But because of climate changes they can disappear.
Use your Magic Swatter to slap NEAR the furry and direct its movements to the food.
The more you Feed the Furry the bigger and happier it becomes.

Play Feed The Furry

21 Mar

Almost done

Well, it’s not much left to do.

Levels, sound, music, language support, menu, some other things… 🙂

I hope, I will finish in the early April.

20 Feb

Feed the Furry

Have a great idea for new game!

Main character will be the following:

This one I made by myself.

But, right now I’m looking for artist to make all the graphics and animation.

It’s quite hard to do everything along… 🙂