28 Mar


YouYouwin has recently bought “exclusive” license for almost all my games.
I just don’t understand, why they call it “exclusive”.
They simply took games “as-is” with all the links and logos, just asked to remove ads and leaderboard. They don’t even require to add their own logo.
Of course, the price is low too, the average price was ~$15 per game. 🙂
Also, they have added their own ads to the games, and pay %40 commissions to developers.
Let’s see, how it’s gonna work.

26 Jan

All-in-One Solitaire, Dolly The Sheep, etc.

It’s been awhile…

So, I have added Gaps Solitaire to All-in-One Solitaire game.
And I’m planning to add at least two more solitaire games: Spider and Free Cell.

I have moved website to another hoster, so it took me some days and nights to configure my first self-managed VPS.

We are working “hard” on Dolly The Sheep game.
There are still not all the graphics ready, but we are making levels already.
I think, I will be able to release a couple of smaller games, before we finish with DTS.
Here are some videos with gameplay:
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12 Aug

AlertPay, a good PayPal alternaive?

I have recently singed up with AlertPay.
Some of their advantages:

  1. Lower fees for receiving instant payments: 2.50 % + $0.25 for any amount comparing to PayPal’s 2.9% + $0.30. But after $3000 PayPal has a lower fees of 2.5% + $0.30, and they can be even more lower.
  2. AlertPay supports some countries that PayPal doesn’t, for example Pakistan. This is the main reason why I’m going to use AlertPay, some of my customers just can’t pay me with PayPal, so I hope they will can do that with AlertPay.
  3. Better considered user interface and Business Tools, comparing to PayPal.

And some disadvantages:

  1. Bank transfer: $0.50 for any amount, while PayPal is free for $150+.
  2. Higher fees for receiving payments by credit cards, AlertPay: 4.90 % + $0.25 USD, PayPal: 2.9% (3.9%) + $0.30 USD
  3. Verification process. Although they don’t ask for scan of personal documents, they have 3 types of personal account verification:
    a. Bank Account Confirmation – like PayPal.
    b. Credit File Confirmation, “For Credit File Validation, we submit your name, address and date of birth to a credit bureau to verify your identity.” – an interesting way toverify my identity.
    c. Attestation Form, “An Attestation is a form that you must fill out and have signed by a guarantor or Commissioner of Oaths.” – well…
    You have to complete two out of three verification types to be verified. I just wonder, why is one type (like bank account confirmation) not enough?
  4. While AlertPay’s home page says, that they have 4500 sign-ups every day, I actually don’t know any website that accept AlertPay, but I know many websites accepting PayPal.

So, are you looking for PayPal alternative? Try it!

09 Jul

Sell Flash Games

A small list of websites, where you can sell flash games as well as other flash applications.

1. Buy Stock Flash
You earn:50% – 75%

2. Flash Juggler
You earn: up to 50%

4. Flash Do
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 50 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

5. Stock Fuel
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 55 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

6. Flash Components
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 60%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 30%

7. Active Den
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 25%

8. BuySellArcade
They don’t charge fees, but you have to pay with their credits in order to create new auction.
New customers get free 10 credits upon registration.

9. FlashGameLicense
Auction. You pay 10% commission fee after successfully selling your game.

So, 9 websites so far.
You can also buy flash games and other flash widgets or components at these website!
But, wait! All the best games are selling here!

14 Jun

Accounting and Version Control

I’ve spent a couple of days searching for PHP/MySQL based Accounting and Version Control software.
I need a web-based and open-source software that I can install on my server, something similar to outright.com, but on my server and something similar to SVN but with web interface and made with PHP and MySQL only.
Still no luck…

02 Jun

ePassporte, bad experience

Well. I have created an ePassporte account to receive payment from one of my client. It was a couple weeks ago and ePassporte asked me to verify my account by adding US checking account. And what if I don’t live in USA? So, I submitted my US saving account that I have opened in my bank, just hoping that it will work and voilà… My ePassporte account is blocked, they ask for numerous scans of personal documents, checking account statements and blah-blah-blah.

Thanks to PayPal, for 2 years of use, no stupid account blocks and personal documents’ requests.

04 May

Flash Game License “Pay Commission” bug?

So, I’ve recently sold a source code for Instant Football through FGL, I’ve accepted buyers offer and received the payment.
Everything was fine, then I’ve decided to pay my commission to FGL and… “You don’t have any outstanding sales or bids! (When you do, they will appear here.)”
Ok. I’ve sent a message to admins, and FGL_Steve asked me for details, I’ve replied and…
Silence. 4 days. No comments, no answers to my messages.