27 Sep


Some screenshots from the game.
It is almost done. Still waiting for some graphics and need to make levels 🙂
Some features (well, for me it’s features :)):
* stereo sound;
* auto-pause if user switched from game;
* keys redefinition;
* 3 sound tracks;
* power-ups and different weapons;
* and so on…

30 Aug


It should be 2 games in one: an old, well-known tank game and also 🙂 old and well-known sokoban(or pusher) game.
So, main hero has a tank, he should move boxes to slots to open a portal to next level, and enemy tanks will be in the way of this process.
I’m going to add different kind of weapon, power-ups and maybe bosses.

01 Aug


Yes, I’ve finally started to make a new game.
Well, right now I’m in process of planning…
And this game will be on AS3.