13 Nov'12

Dolly The Sheep Released

So, bidding has ended, MyPlayYard(5hippos) won the game!
It was released yesterday to public and got Daily 2nd Place on Newgrounds. And that makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚
Today it was published on Kongregate as well, but they have more hard-core audience, so I’m not waiting anything big.
Now I have to wait 6 weeks to start selling site-locks, but hope to put version with my brandings to Pozirk Games website much sooner.
As for now, you can play sponsor-branded version of Dolly The Sheep.

30 Jul'12

Resistance is Useless released

It took us quite a lot of time to release this game and here it is: Resistance is Useless, a action/adventure/shooting flash game.
In this game you play as Bruno, a delivery boy, who was forced to “take” a gun and start fighting against hords of perfidious aliens.
We have invented 12 different types of enemies, 4 bosses and 15 levels with very tangled storyline for this game.
Hope, you will like it.

05 Dec'11

All-in-One Solitaire released

Game can be played at the same address: All-in-One Solitaire.
I didn’t intend to sell it to any sponsors, just made it for my website.
Solitaire is quite an ordinary game, but as it’s a classic game, many people like it and play it often.
I will submit the game to portals later this week.

ะท.ั‹.: One of the cool features of my game ๐Ÿ™‚ is internet radios, that you can listen while playing.

04 Nov'11

Space Age released

Offers on FGL were too low to accept them, so I have decided to be the only sponsor of my game. ๐Ÿ™‚
And here it is, finally released:

Space Age

Space AgeDescription
Defend the Earth with your satellites and spaceships, research new technologies and save the humanity in this next-gen defense/strategy game.

Use your mouse.

30 Apr'10

Some news

[ Total Construction is already released. Sponsor was awful. ๐Ÿ™ ]

[ I have found new artist for Resistance Is Useless game, he decided to make all the graphics from the beginning. So… ]

[ I’ve almost finished with the new design for Pozirk Games website, I’ll switch to it next week. ]

[ Some cool guy from flashgames.de purchased a source code of Instant Football. Second purchase already, this game is popular! ]

[ Friend of mine is porting Mad Tanks to iPhone! And he has almost finished. Unfortunately name “Mad Tanks” is occupied by someone else at AppleStore, so we decided to switch to old name: “Soko Tank“. ]

It’s all the news so far.

26 Apr'09

Feed The Furry Released


Furries are small wonderful animals that live everywhere in our neighborhood. But because of climate changes they can disappear.
Use your Magic Swatter to slap NEAR the furry and direct its movements to the food.
The more you Feed the Furry the bigger and happier it becomes.

Play Feed The Furry

10 Feb'09

Instant Football Released

After two month of development, two weeks of searching for sponsor and two weeks of improving I finally released new flash game “Instant Football”.

Thanks to MyFootballGames.co.uk for sponsorship! ๐Ÿ™‚

Football Game.
You have 3 minutes to win the match.
You play against computer(red players).
You player is selected and in the middle of screen.

Use your mouse to direct player
Left click – kick the ball or take it away.
Space, Shift – switch to closest player to the ball
P – pause on/off
S – sound on/off
M – main menu

Play Instant Football

28 Jan'09

Balloon Express Released

In 2007 we have released our first flash game Ballon Express.

It was our first try, quite a boring game. So… next games gonna be much better.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Fly your Balloon without crashing and deliver as many Mail Boxes as you can. A fail delivery makes you loose points and a successful delivery gains you points. When you deliver 25 Mail Boxes you will get an extra life. Avoid the Birds, UFO and Zeppelin that may damage the Balloon. Beware of the Storm Clouds (thunderclouds) as the lightning may hurt the Balloon too.

If you can’t avoid an enemy, press pause(P), move your mouse away from enemy, and press pause again.

– Simply move your mouse to control the Balloon.
– Left click to drop the Box.
– P – pause.

Play Balloon Express