05 Jan

RiU Report 6


I would like to work more on the game for the last two weeks, but holidays, those holidays…
I have 5 levels ready so far, but can’t start next one, because I don’t have required graphics.
Anyway, as I promised, some video from the game.
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22 Dec

RiU. Report 5

Работаю, работаю…

There are a lot of stuff done, but there are still a lot of to do.
I’ve made 3 levels so far and there should be around 20 in total. 🙂
Most of the graphics are ready, different effect are ready too.
We still don’t have SFX and looking for someone, who can make them for us.

I was thinking to post some video of the gameplay today, but I don’t have time, may be next time.

08 Dec

RiU. Report 4

We are adding new units, levels, effects, etc.
Also, it’s time to add sounds, so I’m looking for someone, who can make SFX for us.
I’m going to make reports every 2 weeks, cause there aren’t many visual changes to show them here.

01 Dec

RiU. Report 3

I nearly forgot about report. 🙂
We are working on the game, a lot of new graphics, effects, bug fixes and so on.
I’m creating levels and working on storyline at the moment.
Here are some screenshots:

17 Nov

RiU. Report 1

Ok. First report.
In the light of new big modifications of the code at Space Age I have modified code of RiU too, it took me awhile.
Not, it’s working fine, here are the things left to do:

  1. Game levels;
  2. Enemies AI.
  3. Units animation.
  4. Story line.
  5. Code fixes.
  6. Graphics.
  7. Sound.
  8. Payments.

Some fresh screenshots (i don’t have all the graphics yet, so somethings are just from old artist or brown boxes :)):

30 Apr

Some news

[ Total Construction is already released. Sponsor was awful. 🙁 ]

[ I have found new artist for Resistance Is Useless game, he decided to make all the graphics from the beginning. So… ]

[ I’ve almost finished with the new design for Pozirk Games website, I’ll switch to it next week. ]

[ Some cool guy from flashgames.de purchased a source code of Instant Football. Second purchase already, this game is popular! ]

[ Friend of mine is porting Mad Tanks to iPhone! And he has almost finished. Unfortunately name “Mad Tanks” is occupied by someone else at AppleStore, so we decided to switch to old name: “Soko Tank“. ]

It’s all the news so far.