The cheapest tablet and strange design choices

Amazon regularly sells its tablets at or below cost.
Right now, the Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet is on sale for just C$70.
A similar 8″ Samsung tablet costs double, and some iPad Mini costs at least 4 times more.

Seventy Canadian Dollars! Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

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A cheap VPN alternative that works in China

And Russia, and most likely in many other countries where you have some kind of Internet censorship.

This post has been in my drafts for a year already, and I was too lazy to finish it.
But it looks like it is getting more and more relevant.
There are some limitations, this method doesn’t really work on mobile devices (PC, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux are fine).
It protects your privacy (your traffic is encrypted) and unblocks access to blocked websites.
But it does not provide 100% anonymity.

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How to save up to 10% at a gas pump in Canada

I feela bit ashamed to write about this, but my poor ex-USSR/Belarusian childhood made me a very frugal person.
Thus, I enjoy saving here and there and do it almost automatically.
This kind of mindset will probably never make me a billionaire, but that’s ok.

So, how can you save 10% at a gas pump in Canada?
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Real price of a smartphone

My old BLU Vivo Air test phone became too old, both physically and “mentally”.
The battery is playing tricks showing 40% in one moment and then dropping to 0% another and Android version is 5.0.2, which is soon will become unsupported even by my own games.
At the moment I still set minSdkVersion to 19 (Android 4.4 KitKat), but targetSdkVersion is already forced by Google to be 30.
Btw, in OpenFL it is done in project.xml file:

<config:android minimum-sdk-version="19" target-sdk-version="30"></config:android>

A neat list of all the Android/API versions can be found on Wikipedia:

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