So many ideas, so little time.

Some news

April 30th, 2010

[ Total Construction is already released. Sponsor was awful. 🙁 ]

[ I have found new artist for Resistance Is Useless game, he decided to make all the graphics from the beginning. So… ]

[ I’ve almost finished with the new design for Pozirk Games website, I’ll switch to it next week. ]

[ Some cool guy from purchased a source code of Instant Football. Second purchase already, this game is popular! ]

[ Friend of mine is porting Mad Tanks to iPhone! And he has almost finished. Unfortunately name “Mad Tanks” is occupied by someone else at AppleStore, so we decided to switch to old name: “Soko Tank“. ]

It’s all the news so far.


April 13th, 2010

Auction for Total Construction has ended about a week ago, game was sponsored by Max Games.
Game should be released soon, now I’m adding sponsor’s branding.


March 16th, 2010

Total Construction is finished and up on FGL.
I’ve made a small trailer with gameplay and put it on YouTube.
« go inside »

Beta version

March 5th, 2010

Total Construction is already in beta!
Only menu, sound, tutorial and some minor improvements left.

Some screenshots

February 23rd, 2010

There are a couple of screenshots from the Total Construction game.
They weren’t made from the actual game, but as artist can draw all these things, the game will look pretty much like that.
I really hope to finish the game in next couple weeks, so I can continue to work on Resistance Is Useless.

Total Construction

February 12th, 2010

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to make a small skill game using Box2D.
The name of the game is Total Construction.
The goal is to build the tower as high as it is possible while cannons all around is trying to destroy it.