RiU. Report 10

All the level are ready. All the sounds a re ready. But I still don’t have graphics for menu.
But after some tests, we have come to conclusion that game is a bit boring.

So, we’ve decided to improve the gameplay, add more enemies, make them flying in different ways, make game scenes shorter, add more items to the shop and polish levels.

Some screenshots from first(polished) level:

Bye-Bye, GoDaddy

This new year, I’ve decided to start with something positive, like canceling my GoDaddy hosting account, and switching to something better.
I had many problems with GoDaddy’s hosting:

  1. Too many “500 Internal Error” and websites were loading really slow, or weren’t loading at all.
  2. GoDaddy’s IPs are listed by AHBL(www.ahbl.org/), so your email won’t be delivered to some Indian and Chinese email addresses (like @163.com), and I had many problems with that. They have this problem for a long time and still can’t solve it. (http://community.godaddy.com/groups/email/forum/topic/godaddy-ip-mail-address-being-blocked-by-major-spam-blocking-sites/)
  3. Lost connections to MySQL server, because of too many websites using the same database server.
  4. Equal responses from GoDaddy support like: “We are currently unable to duplicate the issue you are experiencing with your hosting account.”
  5. No Toll-Free (1-8xx-…) support phone number, so I couldn’t call them from Skype for free.

So, GoDaddy’s shared hosting isn’t good, according to whois.domaintools.com they were hosting 1300+ websites on a single server along with my websites.

Now, I’m on VPS with myhosting.com, They have pretty good plans for a very affordable prices.
Although, their email/online chat support is from India (admin-ahead.com), they are not so bad, and they solved all the problems I had. And btw, they have in-house phone support.
I’m going to wait one more week, to see how things are going with new hosting and then cancel GoDaddy’s hosting account and, probably, transfer all the domains from them.

OK. Bye-bye, GoDaddy.
You’d better have more servers and good support, instead of these useless Racing/Fitness/… “stars” on your homepage.

RiU. Report 5

Работаю, работаю…

There are a lot of stuff done, but there are still a lot of to do.
I’ve made 3 levels so far and there should be around 20 in total. 🙂
Most of the graphics are ready, different effect are ready too.
We still don’t have SFX and looking for someone, who can make them for us.

I was thinking to post some video of the gameplay today, but I don’t have time, may be next time.

RiU. Report 1

Ok. First report.
In the light of new big modifications of the code at Space Age I have modified code of RiU too, it took me awhile.
Not, it’s working fine, here are the things left to do:

  1. Game levels;
  2. Enemies AI.
  3. Units animation.
  4. Story line.
  5. Code fixes.
  6. Graphics.
  7. Sound.
  8. Payments.

Some fresh screenshots (i don’t have all the graphics yet, so somethings are just from old artist or brown boxes :)):

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