Sell Flash Games

A small list of websites, where you can sell flash games as well as other flash applications.

1. Buy Stock Flash
You earn:50% – 75%

2. Flash Juggler
You earn: up to 50%

4. Flash Do
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 50 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

5. Stock Fuel
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 55 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 50%

6. Flash Components
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 60%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 30%

7. Active Den
You earn:
Selling Exclusively: 40 – 70%
Selling Non-Exclusively: 25%

8. BuySellArcade
They don’t charge fees, but you have to pay with their credits in order to create new auction.
New customers get free 10 credits upon registration.

9. FlashGameLicense
Auction. You pay 10% commission fee after successfully selling your game.

So, 9 websites so far.
You can also buy flash games and other flash widgets or components at these website!
But, wait! All the best games are selling here!

From ArcademPro to WordPress

I have found a mochi plugin for wordpress, that is very nice and easy to use.
This plugin with some wordpress theme modifications gives really nice flash games websites absolutely free!
All this thanx to the plugin and theme author – Emanuele Feronato.
So, ArcademPro is buggy, ugly and slow piece of code, that is why I have switched Free Flash Games website to wordpress engine.

ePassporte, bad experience

Well. I have created an ePassporte account to receive payment from one of my client. It was a couple weeks ago and ePassporte asked me to verify my account by adding US checking account. And what if I don’t live in USA? So, I submitted my US saving account that I have opened in my bank, just hoping that it will work and voilà… My ePassporte account is blocked, they ask for numerous scans of personal documents, checking account statements and blah-blah-blah.

Thanks to PayPal, for 2 years of use, no stupid account blocks and personal documents’ requests.

Flash Game License “Pay Commission” bug?

So, I’ve recently sold a source code for Instant Football through FGL, I’ve accepted buyers offer and received the payment.
Everything was fine, then I’ve decided to pay my commission to FGL and… “You don’t have any outstanding sales or bids! (When you do, they will appear here.)”
Ok. I’ve sent a message to admins, and FGL_Steve asked me for details, I’ve replied and…
Silence. 4 days. No comments, no answers to my messages.

Some news

[ Total Construction is already released. Sponsor was awful. 🙁 ]

[ I have found new artist for Resistance Is Useless game, he decided to make all the graphics from the beginning. So… ]

[ I’ve almost finished with the new design for Pozirk Games website, I’ll switch to it next week. ]

[ Some cool guy from purchased a source code of Instant Football. Second purchase already, this game is popular! ]

[ Friend of mine is porting Mad Tanks to iPhone! And he has almost finished. Unfortunately name “Mad Tanks” is occupied by someone else at AppleStore, so we decided to switch to old name: “Soko Tank“. ]

It’s all the news so far.

Reflexive terminates affiliate program

“Dear Valued Affiliate,

I wanted to write to you today to thank you for your participation in the Game Center Solution Affiliate Program and to inform you that as of June 30, 2010, Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. will be terminating the Game Center Solution Affiliate program to focus entirely on game development…”

Grrr. I’m thinking to switch to BigFishGames, but now I have to make new Download Games website design for their Satellite Gamesite System and make many other modifications.  Again. 🙁

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